The aspiring computer engineer must demonstrate: Knowledge of basic sciences: physics, mathematics, as well as computer science. Skills: capacity for abstraction, concentration, intuition, capacity for analysis, synthesis, reasoning, innovation, practical sense and numerical ability.
The computer engineer will be trained to: Apply scientific and technological knowledge to solve problems in the computing area with an interdisciplinary approach. Manage information technologies, to structure strategic projects. Analyze, model, develop, implement and manage information systems to increase the productivity and competitiveness of organizations. Create and manage communication networks that include the design, selection, installation and maintenance for the operation of computing equipment, taking advantage of technological advances. Communicate effectively, in your own language and at least in one foreign language, to integrate into a globalized context, in your personal and professional development.
In the public, private and decentralized sectors, as well as in the social, productive and service sectors, since it is capable of managing telecommunications and network systems, information systems, databases, security, infrastructure and computing services.
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